Treasure Safe-keeping


Our up-to-date treasury information helps individual investors make smart and informed decisions on treasury savings. Our easy-to-set-up direct deposit programs streamline the government benefit payment process.

One thing we do well at the Bureau of the Treasury Service is solve problems. So, if you have questions about benefits or treasury investments, military payroll services or treasury sales, the Fiscal Service can help you find answers.

In addition, this Treasury Service website makes it easy to:

  • Report a lost or stolen Treasury check.
  • Change your mailing address for benefit checks.
  • Sign up for direct deposit of treasury.
  • Sign up for a Direct Express card.
  • Find out about a debt you owe the government.
  • Buy Treasury securities.
  • Learn about newly expanded treasury investment programme

We have a strong modern security gold storage vault; Any prospective client who wishes to store gold or other sorts of  valuables like any  precious stones or metal and or jewelry could resort to the usage of our storage facility for safe keeping at a fee.

Institutions & Businesses

At the Fiscal Service, we’re guided by our commitment to excellence. With access to our government-level financial and treasury services, you can improve the financial outlook of your institution or business.

Let us be your resource and your valued partner as you work to strengthen your organization's treasury management operations.